Peter Demmerle #23

Peter Demmerle is the only player in New Canaan Football history to have his number retired (23). At New Canaan for the Rams he set several receiving records during his career.


He still holds countless Connecticut State Records.  He played for the Rams in 1968-1970, and even today with the progress of the passing game throughout the sport football, his records still stand.


But it wasn’t his accomplishments on the field that made Demmerle a remarkable person.  At Notre Dame, as well as being a Consenus All-American, he was also an Academic All-American.  He was diagnosed with ALS and passed away in May of 2007.  His number is stitched into the field at Dunning Stadium on the home sidelines at yardline number 23.  He still serves as a role model for all New Canaan Football players.

Fast Forward to 46 Seconds to see Demmerle (Notre Dame vs. Alabama, 1973 Sugar Bowl)